Gustavo Martínez

Dj | Producer

Beginning with tape cassestes, then moving on to CD´s,and ending up with Vinyl. Born in
Chile, since 1994 this DJ has formed a part of major parties on the local, national and
international level, present at a number of the most important clubs in the country, and the
most important open air raves in Barcelona. He has also attended clubs and festivals where
he shared the stage with people such as: Akufen, Ricardo Villalobos, Mike Shannon, Argenis Brito, and Der Dritte Raum among others.
Charged with elegance and energy, Doncka can take a session from the most minimal and
contemporary sounds to the most raw and powerful Electro and Techno.
Without doubt, a DJ who has learned to study his audience well, and know what they want
in each moment, leaving thousands of people satisfied in his path.